Capital Growth Management, CGM, was established in Bahrain in 1997 as an investment advisory firm licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain. We specialize in strategic investment advisory work and our core business is multi-family investment advisory. We are totally independent, privately owned and committed to deliver tailor made investment solutions. Our core values are independence, transparency and alignment of interest which represent the cornerstone of enduring client relationships.

    As a matter of policy, we are not distracted by handling clients’ cash or assets. Subject to acceptable safety limits, we are neutral as to where clients prefer to hold their accounts or maintain custody of their assets. We do not sell investments or pool clients’ assets in investment funds. We are simply focused on portfolio risk management and investment returns. This includes asset allocation, investment manager selection and comprehensive reporting.

    CGM originally started as an open architecture third party distribution investment company. The CEO, Mr. Hamadeh joined CGM in 2005 and systematically transformed the business from the old distribution model to a multi-family advisory firm.

“While the uncertainty of investment decisions cannot be eliminated, we believe that every investor has the right to receive timely, accurate and meaningful reports that enhance clarity.” Nabil Hamadeh, CEO

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