“We have been impressed at the depth, transparency and standard of reporting prepared by CGM. It really is close to the best that anyone can get and compares favorably with the standard reporting packages produced by most financial institutions. In particular, it provides a good summary of your investments showing clear key indicators for performance and risk alongside a snapshot of manager performance. It also provides comprehensive information about asset allocation both at the strategic as well as at specific asset class level. This information is concise and is a really useful tool to summarize historic decisions as well as provide support for current decision making.”
    Competitor, Europe

    “We are so fortunate that we were advised by CGM during the recent financial crisis. Whilst we have taken some losses, we recognize that you have managed to minimize our losses under extreme market conditions. We are aware of the devastation that the market has inflicted on portfolios of our friends.”
    Client, KSA

    “CGM’s advice has been valuable in refining our portfolio by: optimizing our asset allocation, delivering meticulous and clear reporting and ensuring that portfolio fees are competitive.
    CGM has brought us top decile investment opportunities that we would not have had knowledge of or access to through our existing bankers.
    We consider the advisory fees paid to CGM to be a worthy investment.  We are delighted by the return on investment that they have delivered to us not only from the relative investment returns but also from a portfolio management and cost containment perspective.
    We operate a lean family office running a sizable multi asset investment portfolio.  The conventional portfolio was not getting adequate attention until we engaged CGM as our advisor.  CGM allowed us to immediately expand our capability without having to go through the challenge or risks of expanding the family office.  CGM’s extensive experience paid “dividends” from the very beginning by better structuring our investment review process, refining risk control and gave us access to asset managers that we would not have considered on our own.”
    Client, UAE

    “Our experience with CGM has been very positive. We appreciate the educational value that we receive from our discussions with CGM, who have shown passion and patience. We are a busy family managing our operating businesses and have found that outsourcing our CIO function to CGM allows us to free our time…Thanks to CGM our portfolio was positioned very defensively during the credit crisis. Finally I would like to thank CGM for assisting us in evaluating investment opportunities that are outside of the portfolio without charging us additional fees.”
    Client, Levant

"It's only when the tide goes out that you learn who's been swimming naked.“
Warren Buffet.

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